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Our product collection is made to require zero maintenance and help enhance you and your families life.

Blanc De Chaux

Brun Clair

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Gris Clair



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Midland 40

GP Yellowstone 30MM

Shadowland 45

GP Universal 40 MM

Our most popular products from Europe

French Collection

Infused with the essence of the French Riviera, our exquisite flooring in soft light grays brings forth a neutral yet elegant aesthetic, setting the stage for a tranquil atmosphere in your home or business.

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Netherland Collection

Drawing inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands, our Midland 40 Artificial Turf stands as one of the most remarkably realistic options available.

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French Collection

The soft and neutral colors of the oak lend a sense of tranquility and versatility, effortlessly complementing any interior design palette. Elevate your living space with the timeless beauty of this flooring, creating a warm and inviting ambiance reminiscent of a little piece of Europe right in your own home.

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Natural 6074N 7.5 (3)

Holland collection

Crafted with precision, it boasts non-directional fibers, setting new authenticity standards. The 50 mm pile height mirrors lushness, offering an unparalleled underfoot sensation. Its non-directional fibers eliminate uniformity, allowing each blade to stand independently for astonishing authenticity.


Beautifully Crafted Wood Flooring


We are proud to have the latest in sustainable technology and prestigious industry certifications to ensure premium quality and reduce environmental footprint.

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Artificial Turf crafted with Nature in mind

Beauty with zero maintenance

We are proud to have multiple certifications that extend throughout the world, and that help make our partner Grasspartners B.V. one of the most sustainable producers in the industry.

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Our Sustainability Pledge

As a company that focuses on bringing small to midsize European manufacturers to the US market, we pledge to maintain European standards for sustainability. Here at the European Company, we follow in the footsteps of European manufacturers to preserve both quality and sustainability standards. Sustainability is the future for generations to come. We focus on bringing European products that fall under intense scrutiny in the manufacturing process to every US home and lead by example. Our focus is to not only become one of the largest distributors of European products in North America but also lead by example while doing so.


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