Care & Maintenance

There are three different types of floor finishes in our French Oak Collection

1.  Woca Industrial Hardwax Oil, is a new environmentally friendly product based on vegetable oils and natural waxes made from purified renewable natural raw resources. Oil-based finishes soak in, lightly color the wood and form a protective film on the surface of the wood. It has natural wood finish while also adding some protective layer on the surface. In essence, the wax is bonded to the wood via the oil. By finishing the wood with Hard-Wax Oil the ultimate color of the floor will flourish and continue to enhance with time. It does not contain volatile organic components (VOC free)

2.  UV oil, combines the benefits of floors with a natural oil finish and UV-hardened floors. They are based on natural oils which become UV-curable due to chemical modification. This gives them much better chemical properties and improved scratch resistance compared with natural oils. UV oil is made of 100% solids and contains no solvents or after cure products.

3.  UV lacquered floors, coated in a matt finish, use a treatment that is cured by ultraviolet radiation, normally with several layers of coating to produce a hard and durable floor surface. It’s durable and easy to clean and maintain, compared to a UV oil finished floor, and it does not absorb water or other stains instantly. With proper maintenance using WOCA Oil or lacquer finish products, your floor will last a lifetime and will always maintain its genuine natural beauty and even enhance with time. Here are maintenance frequencies for domestic use.

Initial maintenance


Oil finished floor Cleaning & Maintenance


UV lacquered finished-Cleaning